pick and choose from the options below to build your own program that will best support your goals!



initial consultation + full-body assessment        (required once for all new athletes)


individualized 4-6 week program + 
a) 90 minute 1:1 instructional session*
b) video call + instructional video collection


preset programs:  1.  choose a body part   2.  choose a goal   3.  go sweat! 

glory glutes | baby got back | big wheels | legs for days | carve your core | pipe dreams | boulder shoulders


1:1 train 'n sweat session*  (multiple locations around Vancouver) 




dietary assessment + instructional session      (customized for individuals, couples, or families looking for education, guidance, and empowerment toward improving their eating habits and make healthier choices)


customized meal plan 


food journal review


meal preparation + meal delivery*    (from BodyFuel Nutrition Kitchen)




24/7 coach on-call

all love, all the time for when you’re faced with a tray of free cookies, to answer your questions mid-muscle pump, for frequent check-ins + truth bombs, and to remind you on a regular basis what you’re capable of creating




(* = in Vancouver only)